Using the Isatphone Pro to make a call

You may feel that the ISatPhone Pro sat phone is just like any other handset, then there are a few things that you need to be aware of, especially if you are using this satellite phone for the first time.

In fact, even turning the phone on is not as obvious with this ISatPhone Pro sat phone. You need to hold the red button that is present on the surface of this phone, for a few seconds. The power will start this way and your screen will light up.

Always ensure that there is a clear line of sight to the satellite. This satellite phone hire program is on the equator just over the Queensland/Northern Territory border.

Extend the antenna of your satellite phone to make it point up or make it angle towards the satellite if that is not possible. The symbol of signal strength will appear in the top left hand corner of the screen. There will be a red icon that will appear on the top right of your screen to denote that you are not having a GPS location. So you need to register your satellite phone on the network. After a few seconds it will disappear. Else, the GPS tracker will show up on your satellite phone screen. This will help you to get your phone the best GPS lock. Ninebot is the answer to small local transport

And in case this red icon has disappeared and the signal has gone, it means that the phone is now getting registered on the satellite system. Once done, the phone beeps and the display on the screen will read “Ready for Service”. So your phone has been registered on the network and you are now ready to make calls. Now ensure that you are dialling correctly as your satellite phone is on a global system and hence you must dial in the proper global format.

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