The Iridium 9575 is a specialist’s satellite phone as it is not only superior in looks and ruggedness, compared to its predecessors, it is also the smallest, smartest Iridium phone that has a customizable GPS, emergency alert and online tracking mechanism.
The Iridium 9575 comes with a kit that comprises of a Car and wall charger, a magnetic antenna, a hands free kit, a USB cable and a leather case. But even then, there might be a requirement for additional accessories and Iridium as always, is ready with its add-on accessory pack.

Accessories are a mandatory and valuable part of every iridium phone. The additional accessories that one can buy are mainly docking stations or docks. These docks can be purchased in a combo or as standalones. The only problem with standalones is that you would then have to buy antennas and cables separately.

The LiteDOCK Extreme finds special mention as it finds multiple applications whether on land; fixed or moving. This dock allows you handsfree usage as it has a portable jack for voice calls. It comes with an emergency alert, USB port, integrated GPS antenna that allows all cables to be connected to the dock making it very convenient to use.

As the name suggests, the DriveDOCK Extreme is for moving vehicle installations. It has superior quality duplex technology for echo removal and voice clarity and also an extremely professional handsfree. The docking station is replete with a USB port, integrated antenna, serial data connectivity, data and power connection. The handset can be lifted at the click of a button and allows you SOS service and an in-built handsfree jack.

The PotsDOCK Extreme is a very compact docking station. The specialty of this dock is that it comes with the standard RJ11 jack that allows connectivity of Iridium 9575 Satellite phone and RJ11. This means that you can have a standard phone or EPABX interfacing with the Iridium 9575 satellite phone hire. It comes with the standard features of USB port, integrated antenna, serial data connectivity, easy removal of set with the press of a button. Additionally, it provides Bluetooth connectivity along with SOS alerts.Awesome if used in conjunction with a ninebot one.

Apart from these, there are a number of cables available in varied lengths that can be added for fixed or maritime applications. The company also provides different antenna that can be purchased incase the need arises.

Using the Isatphone Pro to make a call

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