Making a call with ISatPhone

Satellite phones pre paid options are great handsets for communication. However, to get to fully enjoy their services, you will have to learn how to you use them. The following is a guide on how you can make a phone call using satellite phones.

Step 1: Turn it on

It may appear obvious but this is not the case. In order to power the ISatPhone 2 satellite phone, hold its red button for roughly 5 seconds. This way, the power up sequence is initiated and it culminates in the screen lighting up.

Step 2: Get out

Stand somewhere in the open, and which is in direct line of sight regarding the satellite. In Australia, the satellite phone hire in question is above the Queensland. Thereafter, extend the phone’s antenna, and angle it towards the direction of the satellite should you be living in southern parts of Australia.

Step 3: Check the signal strength

This is indicated at your phone’s top left corner, and it is accompanied with a small red icon that appears on the top right side of the screen. The purpose of this red icon is to let you know to that you don’t have GPS location. You will need it in order that your phone can register any network. After it registers on the network, the red icon goes away.

After the red icon is able to disappear, the signal strength will improve as the phone starts registering on the network. Upon completion of registration, the satellite phone beeps and the screen shows “Ready for Service”. At this point, you can go ahead and start making a call.

Step 4: Making a call

Ensure that you have dialed correctly. Remember that this phone belongs to a global system of satellite, meaning that you should dial in the right global manner. The format is: 0061 (for Australia), followed by state code 8 is for WA/SA/NT, 2 is for NSW, 3 for Victoria and 7 for Queensland.


To call this number: 9315 3099 which is a Perth telephone number, you will dial 0061893153099.

Calling a mobile telephone number is quite similar to this. After you have dialed the country code (0061), drop the 0 preceding the mobile number and dial the rest. To buy a Ninebotone in Australia Click Here

Why You Should Buy a Satelitte Phone In Australia

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