Finding the Best Satellite Phone Accessories

Connectivity will no longer be a problem when you’re using the best satellite phone hire options available . However, it’s also important that you shop for the most excellent accessories that will enhance the connectivity features of your gadget. This is especially true when you’re planning to travel to various remote areas such as mountains, forests, seas, and desert where cell towers are not available.

Check out the following satellite phone accessories which you should purchase:

1200 Pelican Case

If you want to protect your Isat or Iridium Phone from any damage, it’s best to use the 1200 Pelican case. This case is so durable. It can even let your phone survive a vehicle impact or an accidental rollover. Pelican cases fit Iridium 9575 and Iridium 9555.

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Don’t travel anywhere without bringing a rechargeable Li-ion battery for your Iridium 9575 phone. Rechargeable batteries come in handy the moment your main battery gets damaged or discharged. If you’re using Iridium Extreme, the Li-ion batteries can provide up to 30 hours standby time and 4 hours talk time plus full network coverage.

Iridium Antennae Adapter

The Iridium Antenna Adapter allows users to connect their satellite phone to any external receiver. The adapter makes use of TNC female connectors to attach to any antenna cable that has a TNC male connector for your Ninebot one

International Plug Kit

The international plug kits for Iridium 9575, 9555 and 9505A is an additional requirement that every traveler has to bring. Plug kits are designed to permit your Iridium travel chargers to be connected into different outlet formats. This product has 5 adapters which are compatible with your travel charger. Formats depend on country standards, but this international plug kit supports European, UK, US, Indian as well as Australian systems.

It’s important that you purchase top quality and affordable accessories for your satellite phone. If you require cases, cables, software CDs and other items, it’s best to ensure that any of these products fit the exact brand and model of your Isat or Iridium phone.

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